Sports Performance

Reach your goals

Are you a sports person with specific performance requirements and you often find yourself unable to reach your goals due to aches that happen periodically? Or are you beginning a new sports activity but you do not know how to manage the physical preparation and the new training load? Have you got recurrent pain and you cannot express all your full potentials? Have you noticed that after an injury you have not been able to perform as you used to?

In these cases, I can perform a complete assessment of your capacities in order to understand whether you fulfil the necessary requirements for your sports activity or whether you need a more individualised programme aimed to improve your sub-optimal capacities. I can analyse the specific physical capacities necessary for your sport, review your training programme and help you to reach your full performance (also in collaboration with your athletic trainer).

The benchmarks are taken from the scientific literature and they are adapted to the individual case in order to reduce potential overloading and to help you to improve your sports performance.

I help you to reach your personal goals in the best and fastest way possible.

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